Check Out Some Of The Features Of Our Alkaline Water Ionizers


Depending on which brand you choose, our warranty ranges from 5 years to Life Time Warranty


All our alkaline water ionziers that we offer come with SMPS Power Systems providing the latest in advanced technology to ensure the ultimate level of alkaline water can be produced when you require it the most

Premium Dual Internal Filtration

All our Alkaline Water Ionizers come with Premium Dual Internal Filtration ensuring your alkaline ionized water is filtered to the best it can be by removing all the ugly bits out of the water prior to drinking

Easy Notification Filter Change

Our Alkaline Water Ionizers have a Easy Notification built into every ionizer letting you know how long the life of the filter has left prior to changing


Every Ionizer comes with GRID Plate Technology which provides an improvement in pH and -ORP compared to Standard Flat Plates found in other models

Our Story

Our Story

At My Alkaline Water we like to provide the latest information about Alkaline Water and the latest in technology when it comes to Alkaline Water Ionizers Like you, we are also passionate about health and wellbeing and believe living an alkaline lifestyle can improve your way of life

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