Alkaline Ionizer Water Machines For Travel, Which Is Best?

Alkaline Ionizer Water Machines For Travel, Which Is Best?

alkaline portable machineLife Fuzion Portable Alkaline Water Machine NEW MODEL 2011


Are you looking for a way that you can make Alkaline Water when your travelling? You may be travelling around Australia in your caravan or simply enjoying life and having a holiday in a unit and want to benefit from drinking alkaline water when you are on the move, but don’t want to take your own Alkaline Ionizer from home with you.

Life Ionizers has just released in 2011, the brand new Life Fuzion. Life Fuzion is truly a portable water ionizer which offers “coffee maker” convenience. The Fuzion works just like a coffee maker, you simply pour the water in to the top of the machine and out comes alkaline ionized mineral water.

Life Fuzion Alkaline Ionizer

No plumbing work needed, all you have to do is plug it in to a electrical power point, pour the water in. Just like a conventional water ionizers, the Fuzion has a built in filtration that reduces water contaminants found in source water.  The Fuzion works well as some conventional alkaline ionizer water machines, offering 4 electrode plates, providing six levels of water and a pH level range between 3.5-9.5 and a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP) of up to -300.

The Fuzion has another thing common with the Coffee Maker, it is small, lightweight and should fit into a suit case.

alkaline portable machine

Life Fuzion Alkaline Ionizer  is $1397 including Delivery Around Australia.

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