Alkaline Water Australia- 2015 Life Alkalizer

Alkaline Water Australia – Introducing 2015 Life Alkalizer

life alkalizer The Life Alkalizer Benefits – Healthy Water On A Budget

The Life Alkalizer™ unique, valuable features:
♦ Can be a counter or under counter alkaline water filtration system
♦ Filters water and also generates alkaline mineral-rich water with Antioxidant properties
♦ Has Ultra-Fine (UF) Membrane that can be back-flushed for advanced purity and filtration
♦ Has four (4) interior filters and mineral cartridge

The Life Alkalizer™ is a water filtering system that purifies with four (4) filters and mineral cartridge. The Bonus is that it also Alkalizes your tap water by generating healthy, alkaline-rich minerals. Plus it creates a negative ORP, which means that the water is potentialized to create natural antioxidants. The Alkalizer has four internal filters to purify and optimize your drinking water into healthy water. The first filter the water goes through is a Ultra-Fine (UF) membrane that filters water up to 0.01um (ultra micron). After that the water passes through a Calgon carbon filter and then a Activated carbon filter. The last process the water passes though is an ion exchange filter that transforms the water into alkaline mineral-rich water and gives it a negative Oxygen Reduction Potential or ORP. Remember, the pH of your water will be determined by your source water.

The Life Alkalizer™ water purification systems work differently than water ionizers do. Water ionizers use electricity to restructure the mineral compounds in tap water into more alkaline compounds. Both systems make alkaline water, but the alkaline water from a water ionizer is typically stronger, with a higher antioxidant potential. But if you’re on a budget, an alkaline water system can make your water much healthier than plain water, bottled water, filtering with a distiller or a reverse osmosis system (RO).

The Life Alkalizer is unique in the fact that it has a back-flush option which extends the life of your membrane and internal filters. This also means that your water is ultra-purified.

Comes with a 3 Year Warranty

Price $539 Free Delivery


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