Alkaline Water Testimonials: Cecil Fielder Endorses Life Ionizers

Alkaline Water Testimonial With Cecil Fielder

Hello, my name is Cecil Fielder and I’m a fourteen year veteran of Major League Baseball. I fully endorse the Life Ionizer Alkaline Water. I drink it, my family drinks it, and it has made a huge impact on my life. Life Ionizers is really the best of the best when it comes to water filtration and alkaline water ionization. I played all those years and really never knew I was diabetic. So you know I’ve always been searching for different remedies to try to help me you know filter my body and now with this water man, its like automatic dude. I get my big gallon jug, I fill it up everyday – I drink one gallon everyday. And man, let me tell you something son, I take that bottle with me when I go to the gym. When I drink water, I drink that bottle of water. Drink that all day, come home with my bottle empty, next day do it again. Do it every day. And I can tell the difference because I don’t even have to check – cause you know sometimes as diabetics you fluctuate. You go high, you go low. Now I really don’t have to regulate. I can tell by the way I feel. Because usually when I hit a downer I need a piece of candy to charge me back up. Drinking the water – your energy levels stay up. Hi, I’m Cecil Fielder and I fully endorse the Life Ionizer Alkaline Water


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