How Does An Alkaline Ionizer Machine Work?

How Does An Alkaline Ionizer Machine Work?

People all over the world are finding the health benefits associated with drinking Alkaline Water. With every day diets and the water and common beverages such as soft drinks, coffee and sports drinks that we consume on a daily basis, increases out acidic levels in our bodies. To ensure that we have the right balance of pH level and have a body in a alkaline state we need to consume Alkaline Water.

Some people think Alkaline Water is just water with a higher ph level. Well it is true in a sense, however there is more to Alkaline Water than just a higher pH level. Alkaline Ionizer Water Machines produce micro clustered ionized alkaline water ranging from pH 7-11, depending on the machine and the water source. It also creates a negative ORP within the water which is vital for anti aging and creating a balance of negatively charged blood cells in your body. The higher the negative ORP levels in the water , the higher the oxidized reduction potential will be. It really is a natural anti-oxidant in alkaline water.

Alkaline Ionizer

However you cannont purchase micro clustered, highly negative ORP alkaline water commercially or in stores. Why is that you ask. Well the reason is that ionized water when created only lasts for approximately 3 days in it;s true form. After this time the hydrocarbons in H2O become bounded again losing its charge and turns into normal pH 7 neutral water. That is why the only way to drink alkaline water is by creating the water with a Alkaline Ionized Water Machine. Ionized Water machines can range from $1695 to $4400 depending on what type of machine you are looking for and what you want out of it. Most of them will provide 7 levels of water.

A typical Alkaline Ionized Water Machine uses electrolysis to turn the water into two streams of water, alkaline and acidic. Using electro plates the water passes through the electronically charged plates and turns it into micro clustered negatively charged water. Both Alkaline and Acidic water can be used for many things around the home such as removing stains from clothes, using acidic water as a toner for your face and killing bacteria on food and vegetables.

The video below shows how a Life Ionizer 7600 Works.


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