Life 5100 Alkaline Ionized Water Machine

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Life 5100 Alkaline Ionized Water Machine

New 2011 Model

The LIFE 5100 is the most advanced ionizer in its class! This ionizer boasts 5 flat or MESH electrodes and an SMPS power supply (adjusts up to 249 watts). It also contains LIFE Ionizer®’s advanced filtration with dual internal filters and optional custom pre-filtration, 7-year warranty parts and labour.

Was $1997.00

NOW $1695 With Free Delivery Within Australia

Life Ionizers is the only ionizer endorsed and recommended by the World Wide Organisation “People Against Cancer”. We are also the 1st and only ionizer to be listed in the World Wide Physicians Desk Reference (PDR).

The Life 5100 Alkaline Ionizer is available in White or Black.


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 Life 5100 Alkaline Ionizer Specifications

Available colors Black, White
Cleaning function Advanced RADC Cleaning System
Display Full Color LED Display
Eelctrode Style MESH
Filtration Custom Pre-filter, Dual Internal
Flow control Automatic
Installation Counter-top
Power consumption Adjustable up to 249 Watts
ORP Output up to -500
pH Output up to 10+
Protection Automatic Heat Sensor
Power System SMPS (switched mode power supply)
Warranty 7-year warranty



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