Life 9100 Alkaline Ionized Water Machine

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Life 9100 Alkaline Water Machine

WAS $3295.00

NOW From $2995.00, Free Delivery Within Australia

The LIFE 9100 is the most advanced ionizer in its class! It’s fully convertible from counter-top to under-counter with the optional faucet This ionizer boasts 9 MESH plate electrodes and an SMPS power supply (adjusts up to 386 watts) to provide you with the largest amount of antioxidants at optimal pH drinking levels. Optional UV Light Technology (patent pending) and Energy Frequency Technology (patent pending). It also contains LIFE Ionizer®’s advanced filtration with dual internal filters and optional custom pre-filtration. UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY

Life Ionizers is the only ionizer endorsed and recommended by the Worldwide Organisation “People Against Cancer”. We are also the 1st and only ionizer to be listed in the World Wide Physicians Desk Reference (PDR).


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How To Purchase A Life 9100 Counter Top Alkaline Ionized Water Machine?

Call us on FREE CALL 1800 723 100 if you want more information about the Life 9100 and shipping. We can send you an invoice via PayPal.

 Order The Life 9100 Counter Alkaline Ionizer Online

life 9100

life 9100Life 9100 Counter Top Alkaline Ionizer White with 9 Mesh Technology Plates $2995.00 Free Shipping within Australia

life 9100life 9100

Life 9100 Counter Top Alkaline Ionizer Black with 9 Mesh Technology Plates $2995.00 Free Shipping

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Great product ! Review by Pat & Sue

Had this unit for 4 months and it is really easy to use and a great self cleaning system. The wife and I each drink about a gallon of water a day, we been drinking this water for 1 1/2 years. My wife has had stage 4 breast cancer for the past 4 years and the last 1 1/2 years we have seen 95% of her cancer shrink up and die where before the cancer spreading and growing larger in some areas and smaller in other areas, since drinking this water the cancer is going away, we are so lucky to discover this alkaline water. My self it has made me feel lots better, i get out of bed and my back does not hurt and my hands do not hurt as much and no gout anymore. Won’t be without it. (Posted on 5/15/11)

Love the product ! Review by James

Was looking at these for a while i am glad i made the plunge and bought one .I have been drinking this for 4 months and do not go a day without it drinking a gallon a day has made a huge difference.(Posted on 4/12/11)

We Have it in our clinic and everyone loves the water! Review by George

We have owned our machine for 4 months and have had a good experience with it .We have a sport injury clinic here in Laguna Beach and the staff and our clients have nothing but good things to say about the water ionizer. Thank you Life ! (Posted on 4/2/11)

Special feature power icon 386 Watts of power!
Special feature convertible ionizer icon Fully convertible: counter-top to under counter!
Available colors Black, White
Cleaning function Advanced RADC Cleaning System
Display Full Color LED Display w/ Automatic Voice Prompting
Eelctrode Style Flat (Optional advanced MESH)
Filtration Custom Pre-filter, Dual Internal
Flow control Automatic
Installation Convertible – under counter to counter-top
Optional Technology Upgrades EFT(NG), MESH, UV Light
Power consumption Super Coil – 386 Watts
ORP Output up to -870 (Enhanced ORP at drinkable levels)
pH Output 2.5 – 11.8
Protection Automatic Heat Sensor
Power System SMPS (switched mode power supply)
Settings 1 Purified, 2 Acidic, 4 Alkaline
Warranty Unconditional LIFEtime warranty



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