Life Ionizers Vs Enagic And Ionways Alkaline Ionizers

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Enagic® LeveLuk SD 501 LIFE Ionizer 7700C™ Ionways Athena™
Plate Quantity 7 Plates 7 Plates 5 Plates
Power Transformer. This was one of the drawbacks of this unit. SMPS (Switch Mode Power System) Transformer. This was one of the drawbacks of this unit.
Filters Single internal filter 2 interior filters + custom pre-filtration 2 interior filters
Plate Material Platinum titanium Double dipped platinum coated titanium Titanium with sprayed on platinum coating
Plate Design Solid Plate and no option to add Mesh Plates Solid Plate or Optional MESH Technology Mesh plates, which is a plus for this machine.
Plate Thickness .20 microns At .75 microns, based on data posted and commonly available from numerous websites and companies, Life Ionizers has the thickest platinum coating on their titanium plates and is also backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Not specified by manufacturer, but laboratory tests show the thickness to be as thin as 0.25 microns*
Warranty Warranty: 5-year full Lifetime warranty on all parts / Ten (10) years warranty on labor Limited warranty covers all ionizer parts (not accessories) and labor costs in the first 5 years. Also requires a 20% restock fee and 14 days to return unit.
Trial Period 3 days money back. After that up to 30 days and return fee up to $800. 60 days with 15% restocking fee 60 days
pH Levels This machine had good alkaline and acidic levels. There were 4 alkaline & 2 acidic modes and a purified water mode. This machine had the highest alkaline and acidic levels of all machines tested. 4 Alkaline, 4 Acidic and 1 Purified Settings. The machine had good levels of alkaline and acidic water. 4 alkaline, 4 acidic, and 1 purified level(s) & a clean mode.
Hard Water Adjustments This machine is pre-set at the factory and there is no way to adjust the amperage for the mineral content in the source water. This machine has 5 amperage settings to adjust the amperage for mineral content in the source water. It appears the amperage settings are pre-set at the factory so there is no way to adjust for hard water.
ORP Ratings The ORP ratings were obtained using a high quality ORP meter and this machineproduced good ORP. The ORP ratings were obtained using a high quality ORP meter to test the water. This machine produced the highest ORP off all machines tested. This machine had mid-range ORP levels.
Installation The Enagic® has counter top units only and use a diverter to attach to the faucet. The LIFE Ionizer tested was a counter top unit that uses a diverter to attach to the faucet. Optional under-counter kit available. 3 Ways Diverter, Direct Connect to Cold Water and Under sink. Optional under-counter kit available.
UV Light System Not available on this machine. This was the only machine that had the option of UV Light Technology. Great for those concerned about disinfecting their water with this technology. Not available on this machine.
Start up Date in US Enagic® began US distribution in January 2003 Earthtrade started distribution in the US in 1996. The current distributor started in the US in 2002.
Year Model Updated Introduced in 2004 Introduced in 2010 Introduced in 2007
Price $4495 $2395.00 $2,195.00
Listed in Physicians Desk Reference No Yes No
Vitamin C Ceramic Technology No Yes No
Frequency Technology No Yes No
UL Approved Yes Yes No


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