M11 Life Ionizer 11 Plate Alkaline Ionizer

M11 Life Ionizer – First Residential 11 Plate Alkaline Water Ionizer

M9-NG-blackIntroducing the brand new 2014 M11 Life Ionizer, the very first 11 plate Residential Alkaline Water Ionizer in the market. Customers have been wanting the best technology available and Life Ionizers have delivered with the new M11 Alkaline Ionizer

Boasting 11 Max Plates, the M11 provides the ultimate in alkaline PH water with the most powerful Max Yield Power System which generates an impressive 800 watts of power. The unit is fully adjustable providing the user to set the right PH level for their use.

The M11 can generate between 2-12 PH depending on the water source and produce up to -860 ORP, one of the highest in the industry. Each M11 Alkaline Ionizer comes with dual internal filters and a pre filter customized for your water.

The M11 Alkaline Ionizer comes with Life Time Warranty on all Parts and Labour making it truly the best and most powerful alkaline water ionizer on the market.

The M11 2014 Alkaline Ionizer Counter Top Model Starts at $3695.00 Including Free Delivery

Optional Extras Mesh Plates $150

UV Light Technology $150

Undercounter Conversion Kit including Electronic Faucet $650



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