KODI-13 Alkaline Water Ionizer


KODI-13 Alkaline Water Ionizer

The KODI-13 is the flagship of Kodi with 13 medical grade platinum plates, the highest plate model in the KODI alkaline water ionizer range. Boasting 13 MESH plates and power of up to 450 watts, this alkaline ionizer can produce between 1.7 to 12 pH and create up to -820 ORP with a flow rate of 5 to 6 Litres per minute. For those who want maximum power and performance from an alkaline water ionizer, the KODI-13 is for you.

The KODI-13 comes with a peace of mind 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee and 5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

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Kodi Alkaline Water IonizerKODI-13 Alkaline Water Ionizer

The KODI-13 Alkaline Water Ionizer is the flagship in the KODI range of water ionizers. For those who are looking for the best in performance from an water ionizer, you cant go past the KODI-13. Boasting 13 Large Medical Grate Platinum Plates, this incredible machine can produce pH levels of water ranging from 1.7 to 12 with up to 5-6 Litres per minute.

The KODI-13 comes with the KODI Power™ SMPS 450 Watt Transformer to produce high pH and high -ORP levels. The 13 plate models comes with a 5 Year Parts and labour warranty with a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Why? We so confident that you will like your KODI-13 Alkaline Water Ionizer, you wont want to return it. KODI-13, the only premium 13 Plate Water Ionizer on the market for under $3500.

Want to have your KODI-13 Undercounter? Just add the Kodi Electronic Stainless Steel tap to enable you to install the KODI-13 under the sink and have all the features of your alkaline water ionizer at the touch of a button from your electronic tap for an extra $500.


  • Counter Top Installation | Undercounter Optional Extra
  • 13 GRID Plates Standard
  • Up to 450 Watts | KODI Power™ SMPS 
  • 1.7 – 12.0 pH Range
  • Up to -820 ORP | Anti-Oxidant Potential 
  • 5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Dual Internal  Filtration
  • Advanced RADC Self-Cleaning
  • 4 Levels of Alkaline, 3 Levels of Acid, 1 Level Purified 
  • -ORP LED Reading
  • Black | Colour
  • Dimensions | 33CM W | 35CM H | 15CM D
  • 220v International Voltage
  • Designed in Australia | Manufactured at our factories in South Korea


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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 33 x 15 x 35 cm


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