KODI Electronic Tap


KODI Electronic Tap

The KODI Electronic Tap Kit enables any of the KODI Ionizers in the range to be converted to a undercounter model. Have the ease and comfort of having your KODI Ionizer located under neath the sink and have the ability to choose your favourite setting of alkaline water at the touch of your finger tips located on the stainless steel tap.

Manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel, The KODI Electronic Tap will at ease produce the correct level of Alkaline Water level for you from your KODI Ionizer. Only Suits KODI Ionizers

1 Year Warranty on the KODI Electronic Tap Kit


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KODI Electronic Tap – Conversion Kit

f you want to convert your KODI Ionizer to under the sink version you will need to purchase the KODI Electronic Tap Kit. The KODI Electronic Tap suits all KODI-7, KODi-9, KODI-11 and KODI-13 Alkaline Water Ionizers. This enables the user of the KODI Ionizer to install the alkaline water ionizer underneath the sink and have the ability to select any level of alkaline, acid and purified water at the touch of the button located on the Electronic Tap.

The KODI Electronic Tap is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel and provides both Alkaline and Acid outlet on the one tap. Nothing finishes off the KODI Ionizer better than the KODi Electronic Tap. Only Suits KODI Ionizers

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