Life MXL-13


The Life MXL-13 is the first 13 plate alkaline water ionizer ever developed for domestic use. Boasting 13 XL plates and power of up to 800 watts, this alkaline ionizer can produce between 1.7 to 12.2 pH and create up to -880 ORP with a flow rate of 5 to 6 Litres per minute. For those who want maximum power and performance from an alkaline water ionizer, the Life MXL-13 is for you

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The new Next-Generation Life MXL-13 is the world’s first 13 plate home water ionizer. The MXL-13 outperforms all other brands; You get the highest antioxidant potential and the highest flow rate – 5 to 6 liters per minute – possible in a home water ionizer. The MXL-13’s large thirteen plate design, and larger capacity inflow and outflow manifolds means that it can fill large containers fast, about 50% faster than any other ionizer while maintaining high antioxidant potential.

When it comes to ultimate performance and the maximum ability to produce high pH and -ORP levels of alkaline water, The Life MXL-13 is the perfect choice for those looking for nothing but the best in alkaline water ionizer and the latest technology in alkaline ionization.

Counter Top Installation
13 Flat or XL Matrix GRID™ Plates
Up to 805 Watts | XL Power™ SMPS
Life MicroMembrane™ Technology
1.7 – 12.2 pH Range
Up to -880 ORP | Anti-Oxidant Potential
Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty
Customized Pre-Filters
Top Loading One-Click Filters™
Advanced RADC Self-Cleaning
Black/Graphite | Color Options
Dimensions | 11.65″ W | 14″ H | 5.75″ D
110v-220v International Voltage
Designed in California | Manufactured at our factories in South Korea

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 300 x 150 x 350 cm


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