The Top 8 Things You Should Look For Before Purchasing An Alkaline Ionizer Machine

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When purchasing an Alkaline Ionizer for the first time, getting through all the maze of product information can be difficult. What is the best machine for my needs, how many ionizer plates should I have, what kind of power should the machine have. All these types of questions you need answered before purchasing an alkaline ionizer machine.

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1. What An Ionizer Requires To Make Clean and Safe Ionized Water

If you’re looking for detoxification, sports performance or using alkaline water to treat the effects of body acidity – you’ll want to make sure your machine can make strong alkaline water. Look for a machine that can make water with a pH of over 11 and a high negative ORP antioxidant level, such as negative 600 or greater.For regular daily use, you want your machine to make alkaline water with about a pH around 9.5 with the highest negative ORP possible at that pH level.Remember to start at about a pH of 8 and work your way up from there.

2. Level of Ionized Filtration

Alkaline Ionizer

Another very important thing to consider is filtration. Did you know that even if there is the smallest amount of chlorine in your water, it can sabotage your health efforts? Avoid an ionizer that has just a single filter. Water conditions carry all over the US. It is not possible for a machine with just one filter to reduce the levels of contaminants like chlorine and chloramines to safe levels. Avoid ionizer machines that contain only one filter. It is not possible to remove all contaminants found in water with a single filter. Ensure you look for a alkaline ionizer that has a pre filter.

3. Quality Of Alkaline Ionizers

Now that you understand what it takes to make healthy water, lets look at the quality of the machines. Ionizer plates are where all the action happens in a water ionizer. There are actually three things to look at here: Look at how many electrodes or plates the machine has to ionize the water. For stronger antioxidant water, you should buy an ionizer with as many plates as possible and a high power output.

4. How Many Plates Does The Alkaline Ionizer Have And What Are They Made From

The more plates the better when it comes to Alkaline Ionizers. The quality of the plates matters. Make sure the plates are made of a high-grade titanium and dipped, not sprayed in platinum. Sprayed plates have a very thin coating of platinum, so they wear out easily. Double-dipped  ionizer plates is best. The type of plate also matters. Mesh plates are better than flat plates. In fact, testing shows mesh plates increase the antioxidant power of alkaline water by as much as 15%.

5. Ensure Your Alkaline Ionizer Has The Right Power Supply

Next, ensure it has the right power supply. Look for a alkaline ionizer that use an SMPS power supply, instead of a transformer power supply. These will not only optimize the pH and antioxidant levels, but will also last much longer. SMPS are used in LED televisions and reduce the power consumption compared to older type transformers.

6. Check The Warranty Covered With The Alkaline Ionizers

Alkaline Ionizer

Also, the warranty an alkaline ionizer comes with is an excellent indicator of the machines overall quality. The best companies will offer machines with life time warranties. Avoid buying a machine with a very short warranty, such as five years. A machine with a short warranty usually means the company believes it will last.



7. Look For Industry Certifications On The Machine

Alkaline Ionizer

Look for industry certifications on the company’s website to find out what sort of safety certificates the company has and who they are registered with. Quality ionizer companies have taken the time to have their machines certified by the Korean FDA or the Japanese Ministry of Health. Top companies are also WQA Certified Look for a machine that is endorsed by the World Organisation of “People Against Cancer” and PDR , Physicians Desk Reference.


8. How Does The Company Sell It’s Alkaline Ionizer  To The Consumer

The last couple of things to look are how the company sells its ionizers. One is testimonials and endorsements. Review the people who endorse the company’s ionizers. Look for top professionals in sports and for doctors and health practitioners that support the company’s specific ionizers, not just doctors that support alkaline water in general.

Alkaline Ionizer

And watch out for multi-level marketers. It’s no secret that multi-level marketing companies tend to inflate their prices because they have large amounts of commissions to pay out to their reps for each sale. Your best bet is to buy factory direct, directly from the manufacturer or through one of their authorized dealers. This will ensure that the value is passed on to you without a large mark up. Essentially, you get more water ionizer for your money when you go factory direct. Make sure you test a company’s customer service before you buy as well. Find out if they answer their phones. Ask them where their service center is. Some companies don’t have their own in-house warranty service centers.


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