Where To Buy Alkaline Water In Melbourne

Where To Buy Alkaline Water In Melbourne

Alkaline water comes in all different forms such as bottled water, or made from alkaline water machines. You can buy alkaline water which just is higher PH but does not contain or come with the benefits of alkaline ionized water. Just drinking high PH level water isn’t really going to do you any good. Normal alkaline water which is just high in PH contains no -ORP value. ORP Value is short for Oxygen Reduction Potential. All water including tapwater, or softdrinks, coffee, tea, soda water all has a postive ORP Value which over time creates oxidization within the body. That is why alkaline ionized water is sort after is they provide Negative ORP Value and offers benefits such as anti oxidant within the body and your body can asborb the water much faster.


Can You Buy Alkaline Ionized Water In A Bottle In Melbourne

Technically speaking you could buy alkaline ionized water in a bottle, however after a few days, the negative ORP would disappear and turn into positive ORP. The PH level would remain higher but the water would be called “dead water”. The only real way to have access to alkaline ionized water is to have your own alkaline ionized water machine.


How To Buy Alkaline Ionized Water In Melbourne

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We offer a range of different Alkaline Ionized Water Machines that can be delivered to any part of Melbourne FREE OF CHARGE. To find out more about the Alkaline Water machines that we offer CLICK HERE to view the range. Prices start from $2295 on the LIFE MXL-7 Ionizer with Life Time Warranty On Parts and 10 year Labour Guarantee. To view our entire range click on Shop Products on the menu


CALL US ON 0403 933 185 to discuss your alkaline water requirements in Melbourne.

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