Where To Buy The Best Ionized Water Machines In Australia

Where To Buy The Best Ionized Water Machines In Australia

When you are searching the market for the right information about Alkaline Ionized Water machines and which is best for your needs sometimes can be difficult. With all the marketing hype around different machines which one truly delivers? That is why when you research the market before you decide to purchase a Ionized Water machine you should look at some main factors before purchasing a Ionized Water machine in Australia.

1. Warranty Period

When you are choosing to purchase a Ionized Water or Alkaline Water machine , the first thing you should look for is warranty and service. There is no point in purchasing the most expensive machine on the market if the warranty only last for a few years and very little back up service. Remember an Ionized Water machine is an investment in your health and should be looking to get as many years as possible with a good warranty.

Always look for a machine that offers at least 5 Years warranty. Anything less is a not reasonable considering how much money you  are spending on the machine. We recommend Life Ionizer Ionized Water machines as they offer LIFE TIME WARRANTY on all parts and TEN WARRANTY on Labour on their MXL-7 Ionizer Models.

Other models such as the MXL-9 Life Ionizer  come with a FULL UNLIMITED LIFE TIME WARRANTY on PARTS and LABOUR.


2. Ionized Water Plates

When it comes to plates, thickness is everything. Most manufactures offer titanium plates with coating , where some are around the .2 micron thickness. When it comes to producing Ionized water, the plates do all the work. So make sure your machine has the plates to last the distance. Once the plate coating is removed, the machine will struggle to produce the required pH levels.



M7-NG-black transWe recommend the Life Ionizer range due to having a doubled dipped Titanium Platinum coated plates. Life Ionizer offers .75 micron thickness on their plates, three times the thickness of its competition. Now that is real value for money considering the Life Ionizer range of Ionized water are better positioned from a cost point of view than its competition.

Life Ionizer Plates are large in size to most of its competitors and also offer the MESH option in its plates which offers a 10% increase in ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) compared to normal solid plates.


 3.  How Does The Company Sell It’s Alkaline Ionizer  To The Consumer

The last couple of things to look are how the company sells its ionizers. One is testimonials and endorsements. Review the people who endorse the company’s ionizers. Look for top professionals in sports and for doctors and health practitioners that support the company’s specific ionizers, not just doctors that support alkaline water in general.

And watch out for multi-level marketers. It’s no secret that multi-level marketing companies tend to inflate their prices because they have large amounts of commissions to pay out to their reps for each sale. Your best bet is to buy factory direct, directly from the manufacturer or through one of their authorized dealers. This will ensure that the value is passed on to you without a large mark up. Essentially, you get more water ionizer for your money when you go factory direct. Make sure you test a company’s customer service before you buy as well. Find out if they answer their phones. Ask them where their service center is. Some companies don’t have their own in-house warranty service centers.

Here at Alkaline4Life, we supply the latest in technology from Life Ionizers direct from the manufacturer to you via our national warehouse in Australia. Don’t be fooled into spending more than $4000 for an Alkaline Ionizer Machine for your health.

Give us a call on 0403 933 185 to ask any questions about Alkaline Ionizes in Australia

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